A Little About Myself

Passion for Animals

In order for you to know who you will be trusting with your valuable family members, I thought I should introduce myself…

Hi! I’m Cassandra and I’m the owner and operator of Beach Pup. I created Beach Pup in 2016 because I genuinely want to help dogs. I want to help dogs by making their days brighter, and by making your life with your dog easier. It was also because I want to spend all day with dogs. What started out as a few clients daily has grown to a regular client base and what I now call the Beach Pup Family.

For a bit of history, my informal experience began from day 1 as I grew up on a farm surrounded by all different types of animals. My best friend growing up was my Curly Coated Retriever named Jessie, and she was what started my love for dogs.

My formal experience began when I was an Animal Management Officer for Council. Whilst working at Council for 5 years I not only became officially qualified in handling animals, but also gained an extensive amount of experience with a wide variety of dogs. I’ve dealt with almost every type of dog (and cat, horse, pig, rabbit, goat etc.) in almost every situation. During this time I wanted to be able to provide more advice to owners in order to help them with their dogs, so I became a nationally accredited dog behaviourist and trainer with the National Dog Training Federation. After becoming qualified I held some free community dog training sessions, and ensured I maintained my skills by helping family, friends and community members. 

Not long afterwards, my husband and I quit our jobs, sold all of our things and went backpacking for a year and a half! During our time abroad we volunteered with a shelter in Thailand, and then with a dog rescue and rehabilitation organisation in Mexico. During our time here we helped a large amount of dogs with issues ranging from fear, human and dog directed aggression, anxiety and general disobedience.

Upon returning home our boy, Archer, had torn his anterior cruciate ligament and required surgery. Due to damaging so much of the supporting tissue around his knee his recovery was going to be extensive. Devastated that my old running buddy was going to be negatively impacted for the rest of his life, I decided to learn how to help him. So I became a qualified canine myofunctional therapist through the National College of Traditional Medicine. But I haven’t stopped there. In an effort to increase my knowledge about holistic and alternative health, something I’m very passionate about, I completed a certificate in Nutrition for Companion Animals. Through my knowledge and research I then created a natural and organic flea treatment, Neemly, which can be purchased via the shop.  

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, and I hope to meet you and your dog/s one day!