Whether it's dog walking, training, or pet minding, I've got you covered.


Dog Walking

Group or Solo

Regular walks are so important for the physical and mental health of your dog. But let's be honest, sometimes life gets in the way. Let me help! If you need your dog walked regularly, or every once in a while, I can provide a service that fits in with your schedule

I provide both group and private walks. If there is another dog in the area that requires a walk, I may put them together for the ultimate off-leash park adventure. This is of course after getting to know your dog and ensuring they are a good match. Group walks are a perfect opportunity for your dog to socialise and express pack behaviour. 

If you prefer your dog to be the centre of attention, or they need to go at a slower pace, then a private solo walk may be the best option. This service is also great for the not so social dogs.

During our walks we carry water, balls, poo bags, treats and even spare leads if you forget to leave yours out. 

At the end of each walk or run, I ensure that your dog has plenty of fresh water, will towel dry if needed, and will make sure they are safe and secure in the house or yard.

Price - 

$20 for a half hour private walk

$35 for an hour group walk

There's an additional $5 for more than one dog.


Pet Minding

Peace of Mind

If you're going away and need someone to drop in once or twice a day for your dog and other pets, I can provide a service that will give you peace of mind whilst you're away.

I provide an alternative to boarding kennels which can be quite stressful and harmful to some dogs. This way you can keep your dog at home in their usual routine, whilst ensuring that they are fed, have water, get played with, and walked if you wish. Whilst there, I can also do security checks of your home, collect mail, bring or put out the bins, water pot plants, scoop poop, and feed any other animals. I have experience with animals of different fur, scales and feathers so I can accommodate and dote on them as well.

Price -

One visit:

20 minute visit = $20

45 minute visit (includes walk) = $30

Morning and afternoon visit:

20 minutes each = $35

45 minutes each (includes two walks) = $50

For a morning and afternoon visit, with only one walk = $40

*Public holidays incur an extra $10 per day.

**If you have pets other than dogs I would love to take care of them. Get in touch for a quote.


Dog Training

Building Relationships

I understand that a misbehaving dog can cause stress and frustration - and that's just for the dog! I believe in a balanced approach to training, focusing on clear communication, building a strong relationship and foundation. 

As a Nationally Accredited dog behaviourist and trainer, I offer sessions based on addressing specific behavioural issues, as well as basic obedience. Common undesirable behaviour include digging, destruction, nipping, anxiety, aggression, general disobedience etc.

During these sessions we will discuss the behaviours which you want to work on, you will be given direction on what to do moving forward, and you will have a detailed plan emailed to you.

I also offer training during walks. This training includes walking on the lead gently, sitting when required, not jumping on people, recall etc.​

Price -

One on one private consults in your home = $130

Training during the walk = an additional $10